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Check out this 5.7-mile loop trail near Paradise, Washington. Generally considered a challenging route, it takes an average of 3 h 30 min to complete. This is a very popular area for hiking and running, so you'll likely encounter other people while exploring. The best times to visit this trail are June through September. You'll need to leave pups at home — dogs aren't allowed on this trail.

• Mount Rainier National Park charges a fee to enter. For more information, please visit
• Rservations: Between May 24 and September 2, reservations are required to enter the park in addition to paying the National Park entrance fee. For more information, please visit

Learn more about SKYLINE LOOP


The Skyline Trail is the most popular route out of Paradise on the southern side of Mount Rainier. This loop has something for everyone: lush vegetation, glacier views, rivers, waterfalls, and incredible views of the surrounding area.

This “choose your own adventure” hike can be done several different ways. The loop can be done in either direction, but many people choose the clockwise route mapped on this page. If you’re not interested in doing the full loop, many hikers make it to Panorama Point before turning around and heading back the way they came.

On the western side of the loop there is an optional offshoot named Glacier Vista. This side-trip offers views of the Nisqually Glacier.

Regardless of your planned route, you’ll start at the Jackson Visitor Center. Here you’ll find restrooms, food, and informational exhibits.

As with many trails in the area, this hike can be entirely different in winter. If you’re visiting from October - May, this route requires spikes, snowshoes, and hiking poles. Do not attempt during winter without experiencing hiking in snowy, icy conditions.


Mount Rainier National Park
Longmire Wilderness Information Center
Tahoma Woods, Star Route
Ashford, WA 98304
Tel: 360.569.4453

beautiful, clear day today. could see all the way to mt hood. pretty crowded, especially on the way down. got there at about 10:30am. did it as a snowshoe and felt fine
— Jessica D'Agostino
Lots of Snow, the Actual trail had not been traveled through. Pretty redundant view but nothing difficult. Snow shoes would be very useful
— Eddie Hernandez
It was gorgeous! Trails was a bit sloppy as the sun started melting the snow. I used snowshoes, unless you’re just going to Panorama point and turning back, you will need them.
— Randy Westover