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Explore this 7.4-mile loop trail near Mehama, Oregon. Generally considered a moderately challenging route, it takes an average of 3 h 21 min to complete. This is a very popular area for hiking, so you'll likely encounter other people while exploring. The best times to visit this trail are May through October. You'll need to leave pups at home — dogs aren't allowed on this trail.

• Fee information: Silver Falls State Park charges a fee to enter. For more information please visit:

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Located under an hour from Salem, Silver Falls State Park is a wonderland of natural beauty. The Trail of Ten Falls is a popular route to see all the falls, with just a moderate level of difficulty.

The route itself is actually a combination of the Canyon Trail and the Rim Trail. You’ll start out at the South Falls Lodge Trailhead. The loop can be done in either direction, but the mapped route on this page goes in a clockwise direction. There are also many alternate trailheads, some of which do not require a parking fee.

If going clockwise, you’ll pass the falls in the following order: South Falls, Lower South Falls, Lower North Falls, Double Falls, Drake Falls, Middle North Falls, Twin Falls, North Falls, Upper North Falls, and Winter Falls. The falls range from 27 feet to 178 feet, and 4 of them you can even walk behind. There are plenty of benches, and the trail is extremely well maintained.

There is no significant elevation gain, and there are chances to lessen the distance if needed. This route is great for the whole family. If you plan to see all the falls, your route length may be longer than what's mapped here.

  • Cafe - Gift Shop - Trailhead
    The start of the hike brings you past a cafe and gift shop and bathrooms.
    44.87769, -122.65544
  • South Falls
    This Fall is 177 feet Tall and is the first one you will encounter on the trail. It has a loop trail to bring you back to the parking lot and gift shop if you don't want to continue on down the trail for the full 10 mile loop hike.
    44.8788556, -122.6587594
  • Lower South Falls
    After a mile you come to 93ft Lower South Falls. After descending several switchbacks with a metal railing you can walk behind the falls to continue the walk.
    44.88566, -122.66172
  • Lower North Falls
    1.25 miles from Lower South Falls you will come to the 30ft Lower North Falls of Silver Creek.
    44.89194, -122.6475
  • Double Falls
    Before you get to the footbridge over Hult Creek you will come to a trail heading off to your left. It's pretty short and it leads you to the tallest waterfall on the hike at 178ft! During the summer and fall there may not be much water trickling over the top but during the wet winter and spring this is worth the extra effort to go check out.
    44.89217, -122.6452
  • Drake Falls
    This waterfall on Silver Creek is the smallest at only 27ft but there is a nice viewing platform for you to take a rest at and check out the beauty of the surrounding forest.
    44.8898249, -122.6461744
  • Middle North Falls
    106ft tall and a short side trail will lead you underneath it. Sometimes this trail is chained off but most of the time it is open.
    44.88948, -122.64409
  • Twin Falls
    Twin Falls is only 31 feet but during months of high flow it can beautiful as the water is split into two cascading streams. It is a mile to the next massive waterfall but along the way you will be teased with many views of it to keep your energy up.
    44.8855226, -122.6371193
  • North Falls
    This 136ft beauty has carved out a cave behind it through erosion of softer rock. The trail takes you down a series of steps and then into the cavern behind the roaring falls. This is by far one of the coolest waterfall experiences in the Pacific Northwest. During high flow this waterfall is spectacular. It is amazing how far back the cavern goes from the falls. Take a moment to check out the difference between the brittle rock that is eroding and the harder volcanic rock ceiling of the cavern. From here you will climb a series of steps up and out of the canyon. Take your time and look back to enjoy the views.
    44.88462, -122.62319
  • Upper North Falls
    Upper North Falls is a 65ft beauty that cascades into a calm pool below. You will need to continue on the trail under the highway for almost a half mile to get to it but during high flow months it is worth it. If you are tired and don't want to continue on don't worry, as there is a parking lot there and you can easily park there and come back another day for the short hike out to view this waterfall.
    44.8832269, -122.6149106
  • Winter Falls
    To get to the 134ft Winter Falls you need to take the Winter Trial a half mile to it. You can cut the hike in half here and climb out of the canyon from the falls to return via the Rim Trail 1.1 miles to the parking lot or return via the Winter Trail to the Canyon trail and head onwards towards the final waterfalls. If you are visiting the park during the dry months of the year go ahead and skip Winter Falls as there most likely will not be any water pouring over the edge.
    44.88425, -122.64077